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Sentinel Remote Monitoring System

Sentinel is more than just a monitoring system for your machine it is a powerful diagnostic and monitoring tool that puts you firmly in control. If you know when your machine is in operation you have a record of use and performance.

On any battery powered machine battery performance is critical, if for any reason it fails to give 100% of its expected capacity the machine will fail to achieve its full duty cycle. Sentinel can detect potential faults and reduce machine downtime by monitoring crucial parameters. Maintenance can be scheduled before these problems affect performance, which ensures your equipment remains in full operation at all times.

By monitoring when and how your equipment is used Sentinel allows rental rates to be charged based on actual hours worked, rather than on a flat rate basis.

If equipment is out of service for whatever reason all parties suffer. By remotely monitoring intensity of work and actual run time, service visits can now be scheduled according to the actual needs of the machine rather than at fixed intervals. Misuse of the equipment or poor maintenance can also be detected immediately allowing for corrective measures to be implemented so that equipment does not suffer downtime or expensive damage by continued abuse.

To enhance security, your equipment can now be automatically immobilised outside of working hours or remotely turned off from your mobile phone in the event of a machine fault or non payment of rental charges. Should someone attempt to move your equipment outside of normal working hours a message alert to your mobile phone keeps you informed.

Sentinel is an intelligent real-time remote monitoring and control system which can be programmed to meet your specific requirements. Utilising the GSM/GPRS networks, information is transmitted regarding changes to equipment status and sensor values. As Sentinel is an intelligent system, data is only sent when it is relevant, keeping running costs for the system low. Where an anomaly in the expected readings, an equipment failure or unexpected use is detected, alarm messages are sent to the specified recipient listed for the specific problem detected.

Sentinel has six inputs which can monitor analogue or digital values for battery voltage, electrolyte level, battery temperature and machine telemetry with two of theses inputs also being able to monitor current.

Sentinel is an intelligent device, which reacts to the information received rather than just recording and downloading it. In the event of programmed conditions being met, Sentinel can trigger an external alarm on the machine and send an alarm messages to your service department, site engineer and site manager to alert them to an equipment failure or misuse. Response times can be reduced to the minimum, allowing the engineer to attend site before the problem affects the operation. In the event that a detected fault is dangerous or would result in major damage, the machine can be remotely immobilised, immediately or during the next charge cycle.

When any input status is updated either one, some, or all input of the input statuses can be transmitted.

Sentinel monitoring, available data
• Battery fault, requires further investigation
• Battery fault, requires immediate attention
• Battery voltage low
• Discharge current high (if shunt fitted)
• Battery temperature high/low (if sensor fitted)
• Battery not on charge by set time, requires immediate attention.
• Battery on charge
• Battery voltage at start of charge
• Charging current at start of charge (if shunt fitted)
• Battery charge complete
• Battery voltage at end of charge
• Charging current at end of charge (if shunt fitted)
• Battery taken off charge before recharge complete.
• Battery electrolyte level (if sensor fitted)
• Machine motor currents (if shunt fitted)
• Machine control On/Off
• Machine function monitor
• Machine fluid levels (if sensor fitted)

In addition to 6 inputs Sentinel has 4 outputs for controlling external devices. These can be sounders or beacons for alarms, valves for battery topping control or control of the machine itself to limit functions or immobilise it completely.

Sentinel controls, possible functions
• Alarm - Not on charge alarm
• Alarm - Battery topping required
• Alarm - Battery temperature high/Low
• Low battery electrolyte level, topping required
• Low battery electrolyte level for prolonged time
• Machine immobilised automatically when out of hours
• Machine immobilised at any time by SMS instruction
• Input Data snap shot

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Sentinel Monitoring
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