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Batteries (Motive Power)

BS and DIN 2 Volt Vented Lead Acid Cells

BS DIN 2 Volt CellsHigh capacity tubular plate 2 volt cells for motive power fork truck and road vehicles and standby power applications.

Available in British standard and DIN sizes in capacities up to 1550 Ahr either as individual cells for battery repairs or assembled complete in new tanks for new or existing machines.

Cells are high capacity tubular plate construction with fully insulated bolted inter-cell connectors.

OPTIONAL FEATURES: AquaPro single point topping system, AquaProbe electrolyte level indicator and battery monitors to assist operators in carrying out maintenance when required and to reduce maintenance labour cost.

Vented Lead Acid Mono-Block Batteries

Flat plate and tubular plate monoblocks for fork truck, access platforms, cleaning machines and personnel carriers.

Available in British standard and DIN sizes to suit all makes of European and American machine.

OPTIONAL FEATURES: AquaPro single point topping systems for fast clean topping on inaccessible blocks. AquaProbe and battery monitors to advise when topping is required and to reduce maintenance costs.

Maintenance Free Gel and AGM Batteries

An extensive range of blocks in sizes and Ahr capacities to suit all applications and machine types are available in 6, 8 and 12 volt in fully sealed Gel and AGM technology for mobility, leisure and marine applications.

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