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Battery Topping Guns

Topping batteries with hoses or jugs is hazardous and inaccurate and results in spillage and incorrect filling.

The SFS AquaGun range of automatic topping guns shut off the flow of water to the battery when the electrolyte reaches the end of the nozzle.

The AquaGun can be operated direct from the AquaStation C600 water station or from a water cart with a supply pressure of 15 psi or higher.

SFS 200
SFS 200
18mm diameter nozzle with 25 degree bend and level setting collar. Trigger flow control and quick connect fitting. For smaller vent caps on monoblocks and some continental manufacturers products.

SFS 400

SFS 400
18mm diameter nozzle with 90 degree bend, 600mm reach and level setting collar. Trigger flow control and quick connect fitting. For batteries where access over the battery is restricted.

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