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Offering a large range of battery topping equipment, deionised water, battery monitors and battery chargers for 2 volt (2v) cell and monobloc batteries, Charger Bay Solutions Ltd is a major supplier to both industrial and end users, with customers in the following markets.

Materials Handling
From narrow aisle trucks to reach trucks to order pickers and order stackers within warehouse environments, to counter balance and side loaders for operating in the yard. Charger Bay Solutions Ltd supplies both users and fleet suppliers with battery topping systems and battery chargers for use on DIN and British Standard 2 volt (2v), motive power traction cells.

On sites where fleets require battery changing, the battery management system (BAS) ensures equal use of the battery fleet and maximises battery life.

Electric tow tractors and personal carriers are used extensively for transporting not only freight & luggage but people also, due to their reliability. Offering IP55 weatherproof chargers and automatic battery filling systems to ensure batteries are maintained in peak condition and ready to use, Charger Bay Solutions Ltd is a major supplier to this market.

In an industry where simplicity and cleanliness is essential, the use of AquaPro for battery topping ensures batteries are kept clean and dry as well as correctly topped. Charger Bay Solutions Ltd also offers a range of batteries and battery chargers specifically for use in cleaning machines, supplying to the end user and suppliers of cleaning machine fleet.

Electric Vehicles, Access Platforms & Electronic Boats (Marine)
Where access to batteries is generally very limited due to vehicle design, our range of specialised topping guns and the AquaPro topping system allow ease of filling for both 2 volt cells and monobloc batteries.

Golf & Leisure
Available in ¼ turn, ¾ inch thread, M27 thread and ¾ inch push fit versions, we are able to offer an AquaPro topping system to suit any make and model of monoblock or leisure battery used in the golf and leisure markets.

Bespoke Solutions & Manufacturing
Specialising in the design and manufacture of specialist equipment, relating to battery care and  maintenance, Charger Bay Solutions Ltd supplies batteries, battery chargers, battery spares and charger spares, along with other miscellaneous equipment to the automotive and petrochemical industries.
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