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About Charger Bay Solutions Ltd.

Based in West Norfolk, just outside of King's Lynn; Charger Bay Solutions Ltd is a leading supplier of battery care and battery management solutions. We provide battery products and accessories to the UK and European Forklift Truck and Motive Power sectors, including the Marine & Leisure sector. We are also proud suppliers of bespoke battery topping and battery filling systems (including filling carts & tanks) to the renewable energy market and work alongside battery suppliers in renewable and eco battery markets.

With over 30 years' experience in battery charging, battery bay design, battery management, as well as battery and charger maintenance, and battery and charger care, Charger Bay Solutions Ltd. successfully meets the demands of not only those companies supplying entire implementation solutions, but also the end user. Charger Bay Solutions Ltd are happy to provide services to companies with existing installations - everything from charging and battery spare parts through to technical assistance and repair.

As a company, Charger Bay Solutions Ltd. aims to offer to its customers cost effective solutions using products of the highest quality - all backed by our top rated service that puts your business at the heart of what we do.

Our product range includes an extensive selection of both manual battery topping and automatic battery topping equipment, battery monitors and battery monitoring solutions, deionised water and deionising water solutions - all available for standard and specialised bespoke battery solutions.

In addition to our range of battery and charging bay products, in 2009 Charger Bay Solutions Ltd. introduced a unique PC and RF based battery management system (BAS), also known as a Battery Management Solution, for the management of batteries in large forklift truck charging bays. The battery management system (BAS) ensures that batteries are on charge correctly and are cycled evenly to ensure maximum fleet utilisation and battery life.

Utilising the latest technologies and ensuring total flexibility, the battery management system (BAS) has been growing year on year since its launch, and is now one of the biggest feature packed, customisable solutions on the market place which is suitable for sites with mixed charger and battery fleets. Current features include, in-built and external data reporting, multi-lingual support and programmable profiles for individual chargers and charger/battery combinations.

We invite you to browse the various sections of this website, call or email your enquiry, and find the level of service you have been searching for.
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Tel: +44(0)1553 617619
Fax: +44(0)1553 617619

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