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Battery Management System

Designed and built in the UK by Charger Bay Solutions the Battery Allocation Systems (BAS) utilises RF technology to ensure maximum battery utilisation and life from the battery fleet. BAS senses which battery has reached its full charge condition first and advises the operator on a high visibility LED display, which battery should be taken for use first. By doing this BAS ensure all batteries are used equally and that the batteries have the opportunity to cool before use.

If a battery is removed out of sequence, a charger fails to commence charging, or a sensor unit has a malfunction a clear verbal alarm is sounded advising of the fault and the charger location.

BAS incorporates a comprehensive database of truck, charger and battery fleet details and records the date and time of the charging cycle, operator errors and equipment faults.

BAS has infinite capacity and flexibility to handle increasing numbers and changes the battery fleet.


On sites where trucks do not have dedicated batteries and batteries are pooled for use, significant savings can be made in storage space and in the cost of charging equipment and installation costs.
Managing this type of regime can however prove difficult and if not correctly controlled can result in unequal use of the battery fleet resulting in premature battery failure.
This is particularly relevant in installations where batteries are charged in rack systems and especially where batteries are stored on 2, 3 or 4 levels.

Principles of Operation

BAS monitors the charging of the batteries and places them in a queue, allocating them for use based on the charge returned and rest period with the location of the battery to be used being shown on the PC screen and on a high visibility LED display.
Until fully charged batteries become available BAS works on a FIFO basis hence ensuring that the battery allocated even if not fully charged is the one with the most power.
As soon as a fully charged battery is available that will leap frog to the front of the queue ensuring the optimum battery is always taken for use.
BAS has verbal alarm messages that sound if the wrong battery is disconnected, a battery that has been connected is not charging or if the system has a fault.
All data relating to charge cycles and alarms is stored, 3 days of data can be viewed on the PC running the system and full historic data can be exported to reporting software to provide detailed reports on battery use, changing patterns, fleet availability, driver errors and charging faults.
This powerful management tool allows for informed decision making relating to fleet levels to ensure optimum performance.

BAS Features

· Comprehensive asset data base, linking, trucks, batteries, chargers and mains supply circuits.

· Identification of the next five batteries per truck type ready for use and their state of charge.

· Advice of total fleet connected, charged and ready and on charge.

· High visibility display advising next battery per truck that should be taken.

· Verbal alarms for operator errors and equipment faults.

      “Battery taken out of sequence.”

      “Charger not charging.”

      “Plug sensor fault.”

      “Current sensor fault.”

· Supervisor/ engineer override of “Battery taken out of sequence” alarm.

· Mains failure backup and auto restarts in event of long term mains failure.

· Full history of battery charging cycles, operator errors and faults.

· Suitable for use with all makes of battery charger and charge regimes.

· RF link transmits data from chargers to BAS controller.

· Simple addition or removal of trucks, batteries and chargers to the system by site personnel.

· Unlimited number of trucks and batteries managed from one BAS system.

· Multiple alpha numeric displays can show simultaneous information for one or more truck types.

· Multilingual alarms of errors and faults.

· Mains failure and ancillary equipment monitoring. (Optional)

· Computer link via network or remote via GPRS modem. (Optional)

· Computer link via network or remote via GPRS modem. (Optional )

· Recorded data - Date and time recorded for following functions:- battery connected, charge start, charge complete, battery disconnected, alarms sounded, alarm override with user ID

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