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10L Hand Pump Pressure Barrel

10L Hand Pump Pressure BarrelFor small sites of 1—10 trucks, this small mobile pressure barrel offers a low cost solution for supplying water to AquaPro and other low pressure automatic topping systems.

The 10 Litre capacity barrel is easily carried with an integral strap and can fill up to five 24 volt batteries or two 48 volt batteries in a single trip.

The barrel connects to the battery with a unique self locking coupler which seals automatically to avoid any spillage when disconnected from the battery. Water flow is adjusted with an inline finger controlled valve which can be locked open when topping larger batteries.

AquaCart-AP, 12 Volt Battery Powered Watering Cart

AquaCart 12 Volt Battery Powered Watering CartThe AquaCart-AP is ideal for mid size fleets where the water usage is much higher due to the number or size of batteries. The trolley can carry a water container up to 60 Litres capacity and has space for safety equipment.

For those customers buying deionised water in barrels the AquaPump fits all barrels with an industry standard 42mm neck, in capacities from 25L to 60L.

Powered by a 12 volt sealed battery the AquaPump operates at 7PSI and is suitable for use on all low pressure systems. Fitted with a Female “Walther” style coupler the AquaPump reduces operator fatigue and reduces labour time when topping larger numbers of batteries.

AquaCart-SFS, 12 Volt Battery Powered Watering Cart

AquaCart 12 Volt Battery Powered Watering CartFitted with a high flow, 45psi pump pump and high pressure quick connect coupling the AquaCart-SFS is designed for use with our SFS range of auto shut off topping guns.

When fitted with an AquaFlow plug in pressure reducer assembly the SFS cart can be used to fill AquaPro and other low pressure topping systems.

Special Products

From simple truck mounted gravity tanks to high capacity multi pump units and plumbed water distribution systems, Charge Bay Solutions can design, build and install the water supply systems to meet the specific requirements for your site and operation.
Truck Mounted 320L Bowser
300L Forktruck Mouted Bowser (Twin Pump)
Machine Mounted 100L Bowser
80L Machine Mounted Bowser
Special Products
30L Graviy Barrell, Battery Tank Mounted
Battery Filling Table
Battery Acid Filling Station

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